Transgender rights are human rights


25/01/2013 09:13

A.T.P. - Know Our Transpinoys Transpinays

Go down to learn more about transgenders men and women of the Philippines who have made a difference in the transgender community in the country.
23/02/2013 19:45

Aloha - Transpinay (Featured by Outrage Magazine)

Aloha Filipina realized that “in the Philippines, being a transgender is a lifetime battle,” she said. As such, “when I can, I must do something to help others.” PHOTO COURTESY OF ALOHA FILIPINA Having been raised in Germany, transpinay Aloha Filipina said she was not really as exposed to (as...
28/01/2013 12:45

Ar Con - Transpinoy

  Ar Con felt the urge of providing a safe place for Filipino Transgender men….  Thus, the creation of PinoyFTM came into being.  He thought that this will “serve as a venue to share life stories of people with transgender experience without fear of discrimination, as well as, to...
03/03/2013 03:47

Deiniel Cayosa - (Featured in Outrage Magazine)

Deiniel C.: Passionate advocacy Deiniel C. traces his becoming a transgender advocate sometime in August 2012, when he helped in the formation of TransMan Pilipinas (TMP), a group that offers support to other transmen in the Philippines, and – on a more macro scale – attempts to educate the...
08/02/2013 04:11

Deiniel Cayosa - Transpinoy

  “Discrimination, hate, violence and harassment,” that people of transgender experience suffer urged Deiniel to think of coming up with something that “protects” them.    “Coming out”, considered as his greatest achievement, was the first step he thought,“I didn't want to depend on...
21/01/2013 07:25

Joshen Manuel - Transman/transpinoy

  Joshen Manuel is one of the 7 founding members of TransMan Pilipinas.  He said that brotherhood is the reason why the group was created.  He added, “We share our experiences and knowledge as Filipino Transmen.  We want to be accepted and recognized by the Philippine...
11/01/2013 12:31

Kate Montecarlo - Transpinay

Kate Montecarlo agrees with what Aristotle had said that "Excellence is not just an act but a habit for, we are what we repeatedly do".   To Kate, excellence is not a piece of a thing to be won for one single time but "something that is consistently earned out of the passion of the...
25/02/2013 15:35

Kaye Candaza - Transpinay

Kaye Candaza, who has been an active transgender/gender activist since 2008, feels a need to help other transgender women to realize their needs and attain their human rights since she herself is a victim of abuse, “I was abused by my father, abandoned by my family because I am...
27/02/2013 20:46

Michelle Jhoie Ferraris - LGBT Advocate

Michelle Jhoie Ferraris: Creating awareness Michelle Jhoie Ferraris decided to live in the Philippines for good almost two years ago, which was when she was elected as the president of United Gay Power Movement. And with the strong presence of the group, Angeles City has become LGBT-friendly in...
29/09/2013 14:03

Miguel Gabe De Leon - Transpinoy

"I have a very supportive people around me and I am always blessed and thankful," says Miguel Gabe De Leon, Board Member of ATP and Public Relations Officer of TMP, as he justified his decision to come out and realized of having  no reason to remain "stealth".   "I’m done pretending....
22/01/2013 14:11

Nil Orera Nodalo - Transman/transpinoy

  “Come out and speak up”, is what Nil Orera Nodalo, Vice-Chairman of TransMan Pilipinas, advises to all transgender men/transpinoys in the Philippines.  “If we will not do it today, when will be the right time?” Nil casts his Socratic question challenging Filipino transmen. “By saying...
11/01/2013 12:41

Sass Sasot

Since 2001, Sass has dedicated herself to the LGBT Rights movement in the Philippines, most specifically to issues of gender identity and freedom of gender expression. She started giving discussions on transgender rights and issues in a public park in Manila; and afterwards, she had several...
23/02/2013 19:54

Shane Madrigal - Transpinay (featured by Outrage Magazine)

“To have a decent job, for instance, transgender women should not be forced to cut our hair (short), nor (should we be forced to) wear uniform that does not fit our identity,” Shane Marie Madrigal said. That something like this happens is always worth highlighting so something can be done about...
12/01/2013 02:36

Shane Marie Madrigal - transpinay

  Shane Marie Madrigal, incumbent President of the Transpinays of Antipolo Organizaton or TAO, believes that being an undergraduate does not make her a lesser person compare to others.  Her decision to follow the desires of her heart to come out to the open to complete her life as a...

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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