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United Trans Groups in the Philippines - Stop Trans Philippines

20/10/2013 10:47

October 19, 2013 is historic! This is the very first time 4 different transgender organizations in the Philippines joined with more than 100 actions from 48 cities around the world to advance transgender health with outmost hilarity to support the call to Stop Trans Pathologization.

They came together, met and greeted each other, exchanged life's experiences and most importantly outrageously savoured, shared and enjoyed the frolic ambiance of Bosay Resort as they celebrated the courage to shout, STOP TRANS PATHOLOGIZATION!

The Association of Transgenders in the Philippines and its sub chapters (ATP Pag asa Chapter, ATP North Fairview - Fortalejos sisters) in cooperation with GANDA Filipinas, TransMan Pilipinas and Association of TAO ( Transpinay of Antipolo Organization ) have unanimously agreed that fun, fun and fun with full-force unity of the community is the best path to a happy life.  Although TransMan Pilipinas was not able to make it in the event due to emergency reason, they sent their support to the event.


"The Philippine trans history added another milestone last night as several trans organizations trekked the mountains of Antipolo to celebrate equality, trans rights and transgender health," says Dindi Tan, Head of the Legal-Political and Inter-Governmental Affairs of ATP.  She added that this, "one small step means a giant leap for transkind."

3 trans leaders commemorated the event by giving their inspiring speeches. Along with that, basics of STP were discussed (what is pathologization) for better understanding and the basics of pathologizing gender diversity in childhood. Distribution of condoms was part of the event.

The girls went home with big smiles on their faces bringing the memories they got from meeting members of other organizations, having acquaintances who expressed support to the cause of Philippine transgender community.

The international community celebrated this event with this year's theme, "Stop Pathologizing Gender Diversity in Childhood".  This is a call for the stoppage of patholigizing gender diversity in childhood including "the presence of dynamics of medicalization" and "psychiatrization of non-normative gender expressions in childhood, observed in the health care, educational and social contexts"(


STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization is an international campaign to depathologize  "trans gender expressions, trajectories and identities".  It's main focus is the omission of "‘Gender Dysphoria’ / ‘Gender Identity Disorders’ and ‘Transvestic Disorder’ / ‘Fetishistic Transvestism’" from DSM and ICD while promoting "public coverage of trans health" and independence of the concerned individuals to trans health care by referencing them to "non-pathologizing" trans health care. (


The campaign for trans depathologization has been running for 7 years and it's been 5 years already that this campaign is named STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization.  "STP is supported by more than 370 groups, organizations and networks in six continents."







Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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