Transgender rights are human rights

Transpinay of Antipolo Organization (T.A.O.)

11/01/2013 13:39


T.A.O (Transpinays of Antipolo Organization), - A not-for-profit organization, composed of individuals and groups in the city of Antipolo, dedicated to a broad-based, inclusive national movement for "gender and racial equality."

TAO- is a filipino word which means HUMAN.
T- which stand for TRANSPINAYS is a combination of two words. TRANS-PINAYS. TRANS which means transgender/transexual. and PINAYS which means, female Filipinos of the PHILIPPINES.
A- is stands for ANTIPOLO , a city in the Province of Rizal, where the pioneering founders and member live .
O- stands for ORGANIZATION. this group started out as 'friends' and come up an idea to make it a more formal legal group.

Our T.A.O. logo is an image of a female body standing in a letter T position with the arms facing upward, which means WELCOME TO OUR GROUP.
- the body is a combination of two primary colors of red (LOVE and strong determination) and blue ( calmness and creativeness). just like T.A.O. members, we are a combination of the strength of a MAN and the compassion of a WOMAN.

- the crown is in a vibrant yellow, for bright future ahead to the group, and the five raise of the crown symbolizes the 5 pioneer founder of the group. Shane Marie Madrigal, Alexis Garcia, Em Bayubay, Jersey Paceno and yours truly :)

-the head is in white color with out any face, which means we are equal and not bias to anybody... FAIRNESS is one of our virtue.

-the dominating colors of our T.A.O. logo is a manifestation, that we love the country PHILIPPINES (as its also the color of the country's flag), and our advocacy is mainly to have gender equality and have a place in this society :)

its nice to be maka-T.A.O :)

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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