Transgender rights are human rights

TransMan Pilipinas

13/01/2013 18:55



TransMan Pilipinas is a support group of Transgender Men in the Philippines.

Welcome to TransMan Pilipinas (TMP)! We're glad you found us.
TransMan Piilipinas is a group for transmen community in
the Philippines.
It is a safe place to express yourself, opinion and experiences regarding your transition/pre transition!
The group was designed as a platform in providing goodwill information and raising awareness on the Transgendered in the Philippines.
This space serve as a proper channel for all of us to discuss issues and voice out opinions that contribute to a better understanding of the Transgendered group.
TransMan Pilipinas hopes to promote awareness of this growing community by reaching out to the general public in order to gain understanding.
With this commitment, TMP also aims to reach out to the new generation of individuals and look into their ways of living, adapting and adjusting to the modern social and working lifestyle in the Philippines.
TMP encourages his people to step out, interact and most importantly build a close bond between themselves to share valuable personal experiences and knowledge.
Last but not least, TMP’s admin, team of moderators and myself wish to thank you for your visit and we look forward for your participation in our portal and outings.

Yours Sincerely,
TransMan Pilipinas ADMINS


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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