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Trans Lecture Goes to Negros Island

07/06/2014 04:13

Federation of Negros LGBT has successfully completed its General Assembly last June 7, 2014. The general assembly was participated by different organizations, Local Government Unit, and other LGBT individuals.

The general assembly included discussion of HIV updates by Carlos Montecarlo, Understanding Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Bacolod City led by Magdalena Mababanglipad, Human Rights issues by the Commission on Human Rights, Transgender concept by Kate Montecarlo Cordova while Paul presented the history of the Federation of Negros LGBT.

Representatives and leaders of the different organizations like Brgy. Estefania Gay's Association ( BEGA ), Queer Pagan Network, Filipino Freethinkers Bacolod, Ladlad-Bacolod, Pegasus Society of Hino-baan, Dos Hermanas Gay Association, BiGeneration Bacolod, Murcia Integrated Gay Association, Brgy. Tangub Gay Association, Handumanan Gay Association, Bila Ng Negros gathered and expressed their support for the upcoming Negros LGBT Pride Parade and Cultural Show this June 28, 2014.

Participants expressed support to the transgender community after they were enlightened about and learned the concept of transgender and the social construction of gender.

The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines would like to support the move for a stronger LGBT movement in Negros

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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