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Shane Marie Madrigal - transpinay

12/01/2013 02:36


Shane Marie Madrigal, incumbent President of the Transpinays of Antipolo Organizaton or TAO, believes that being an undergraduate does not make her a lesser person compare to others.  Her decision to follow the desires of her heart to come out to the open to complete her life as a transgender, instead of following his father’s ambition for her to be an engineer, is of no regret at all.  This decision led her to become one of the Philippine beauty icons and one of the Madrigal Circle of Beauty Queens.  She has won different big and prestigious beauty pageants earning her the respect and admiration of the younger generation.  Being beautiful is not just the thing of Shane.  She has demonstrated her strong leadership skills through the unity, solidarity and strength of her organization.  Notwithstanding the exclusivity of the organization of Antipolo residents, T.A.O. is one of the organizations which has the most active members and successful activities.  In fact, T.A.O. has the grandest Christmas party among transgender organizations with around 90 contestants who paraded for the Animal print contest and attended by prominent transgenders and celebrities.


“I wish and pray specially for our very own city that we can make a Big positive change for every transpinay”, Miss Madrigal hopes.  She is asking a little consideration, “after all, we never ask to treat us special but just treat us same or equal as they treated men and women ....”

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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