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Nil Orera Nodalo - Transman/transpinoy

22/01/2013 14:11


“Come out and speak up”, is what Nil Orera Nodalo, Vice-Chairman of TransMan Pilipinas, advises to all transgender men/transpinoys in the Philippines.  “If we will not do it today, when will be the right time?” Nil casts his Socratic question challenging Filipino transmen.

“By saying come out or speak up does not literally mean come out in public. You can be heard without outing yourself.  You just have to find ways.  Let’s help each other.  Let’s keep pulling up each other.  At the end of the day we are tied by the same goal, Respect & Equality”, explains Nil who co-founded TransMan Pilipinas.

Nil, who highly appreciates and is fascinated by tattoos, believes he has a soft heart though "I may look tough or strong”.  He loves working out, to be physically fit and healthy.  He too has the penchant to hang out with his brothers and his fianceé in his spare time, balancing his personal life, activism and as a DCC/Logistics Officer of a Security agency.

“’Transmit love. Transcend Acceptance.  Hate, no more’ says all about my vision for transgender community, the vision of TransMan Pilipinas” Nil confidently confessed.

Nil, an AB Political Science graduate of Centro Escolar University, believes that one of his greatest contributions to the transgender community is his courage to come out in public, face the media and be one of the pillars in the creation of TransMan Pilipinas, where sharing of ideas and experiences are free and welcome.  “This can be a venue where we can reach out to other transmen in the country and provide them the help everyone deserves”, he concluded.



Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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