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Meeting - Association of Transgenders in the Philippines

18/03/2013 04:03


The Association of Transgenders in the Philippines made a successful meeting last March 10, 2013.  The meeting which was held at Greenbelt area was attended by both transpinays and transpinoys, predominantly by beauty queens and trans activists.

The group did Trans 101 which tackled a thorough discussion of transgender definition, the difference between transgenders and transsexuals and the different schools of thoughts regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.


Sharing of life's experiences was also one of the agenda which made some of the girls became emotional as they recalled the bitterness they experienced from their families and people around them. 


One of the highlights of the said event was the discussion of the having an official office and legal recognition of the organization from the government through Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration.


After the event, some of the members gathered for a dinner and a short social drinking with an intense discussion about the different theories relative to SOGI. 


It was a very successful event.



Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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