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March Activities of ATP_ Know the works behind

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Shifting gears...
The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP) and its ally-partner Transman Pilipinas joins the health care providers, health practitioners, NGOs, DOH officials and employees of LGUs spread across the country in the National Summit organized by the Department of Health (DOH) through the National AIDS STI Prevention and Control Program (NASPCP). The summit is a national gathering with the theme: Summit on Health Sector Role on HIV Prevention among Key Affected Populations in Baguio City on Feb. 18-21. 
ATP was the only trans group in attendance and was represented by Dindi Tan and Le Andre Gabasa of Transman Pilipinas. ATP was invited to speak about the transgender community relative to the HIV-AIDS dialogue.



Chairperson Kate Montecarlo Cordova went to Geneva Guide Development Group meeting for the Consolidated Guidelines on HIV and Key Populations.











The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines composed of TransMan Pilipinas and Transwomen Guild of the Philippines took their official photos.



Transmen group (Association of Transgender Men of the Philippines held their general meeting last March.  They conducted trans 101 to new members and Ryan of Take the Test delivered HIV 101.  Indonesian HIV advocates came to observe.  The meeting was supported by trans allies and transwomen of ATP>


The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines was able to register its organization to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  It has obtained its official receipts.


The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines participated during the 2-day training initiated by the Medical Action Group (MAG) and the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines, funded by the European Union in the Philippines (EU), 

The event entitled, "From Evidence to Action. Protecting Human Rights Defenders and Fighting Impunity", aims to build a network or organizations that tackles issues on human rights violations and among others.

During the training, The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP) was the only LGBT group nominated to the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the creation of a national network of organizations to address human rights concerns.

"I felt that we are lagging behind in terms of responding to human rights violations of whatever nature, whether plain discrimination case or hate crime.... there is no coordinated and established mechanism.... to ask help... and what legal action to bring up." explained Dindi, Head of Legal, Political and Inter-Organizational Affairs Committee. 

She feels that this type of collaboration is beneficial to the trans community in the Philippines, "by virtue of creating a national network of human rights organizations which ATP will be a part, it would be relatively easier to respond to cases of human rights violations since other organizations, which are way established, will help us in terms of monitoring and filing of cases. The parameters of partnership are still in the works." 

The event was attended by different human rights activists from different organizations and groups last March 27-28, 2014. It was held at the Cocoon Boutique Hotel.


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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