Transgender rights are human rights

Lesbians, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LBT) South-South Meeting

30/07/2014 03:51

Feminists and women's rights activists in the LBT sector around the world who have been fighting for women's rights and sexual rights for X number of years and decades were gathered together in Manila last July 29-30, 2014 to talk about gender equality culture and diversity.


This international meeting entitled, Gender Equality, Culture and Diversity Expert's Consultation Meeting was spearheaded by Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN).

It was attended by women from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji, South Africa, US, Philippines, Venezuela, Argentina, Hong Kong,Sri Lanka, etc.

ATP Chairwoman, Kate Montecarlo Cordova, gave her message at the concluding part of the meeting;

"I just want people to consider that I am a woman whose sex assignment is based on the hetero-normative definition of sex and gender.

I live as a woman. I am a woman. I, and my community, want to unite with you to not allow a part, a single part of my body shape and dictate who I will be and what I will become.

The fact is people who live in this world have different sexual orientation and different gender identities and expression.

The fact is, there are women who were not assigned female at birth.
The fact is, there are women who don't have vaginas.
The fact is, these women don't just experience discrimination and violence but their sexual and reproductive health needs are often forgotten including their basic human rights to live and exist.

This will not only inspire us but also serve as a positive reinforcement, making my community feel there's a place we belong in this world despite of the what's between our legs.
Violence against women was not cause by people who have just penises but from people who have limited understanding about gender, power and rights.

The battle is not between people who have vaginas and penises. The war is against bigotry and dogmatism."



Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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