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Joshen Manuel - Transman/transpinoy

21/01/2013 07:25


Joshen Manuel is one of the 7 founding members of TransMan Pilipinas.  He said that brotherhood is the reason why the group was created.  He added, “We share our experiences and knowledge as Filipino Transmen.  We want to be accepted and recognized by the Philippine Society”.


Joshen is a Nurse working outside the country but is still active as an advocate of gender equality and as a Chairman of TMP.  He wants to share his knowledge about health and should prioritize it above everything. 


As a Chair, Joshen wants to continue TMP as a support group conducting social activities “to strengthen the goals of the transpinoys”.  Organizing symposiums, conducting team building and other social activities are his focus.  This is to realize the vision of TransMan Pilipinas which is to be “a recognized organization in the Philippines that will assist transgenders with their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs”.


Joshen decided to come out as a transman last September, 2011 to inspire other people. “Being a Transgender doesn't only mean that you have to undergo surgeries and hormone replacement therapy.  It is how you express and accept yourself being a transman”,  Joshen confidently believes.


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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