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Health Care Providers of Muntinlupa City Embraced SOGIE and Transgender Concept

14/04/2014 03:10

To strengthen the health services of the city, City Health of Muntinlupa conducted a 3 day training workshop on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to all City's Health Care Providers, in collaboration with the Gender and Development Office by funding the program and the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP).

The workshop entitled, "Strengthening Health Through Diversity: Respecting the Different of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression", is participated by around 300 health care providers which are divided to three batches, March 10, 11 and 14.

Kate Montecarlo Cordova, Chair and Head of Transgender Health and Education of the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines, conducted the workshop where she introduced the definitions of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, transgender concept, health care issues related to SOGIE and human rights issues. She shared the experiences of people with "non-conforming" gender identity and expressions including people with different sexual orientation with the health care providers from different medical institutions, both national and international. Kate, with pride, said, "Finally, we can claim that Muntinlupa City is an LGBT-friendly place...."

First day of the workshop was a success. And success ended the training on its third day. The attendees showed their interests through their active participation during the discussion, effort to understand the concept by raising questions for clarifications and the improvement of their knowledge about SOGIE based from their pre-test and post-test assessment results. One Ob-gyn was quoted saying, "Initially, I was not interested in this topic but it opened my eyes and I learned a lot".

Chief and Program Director of the Gender and Development Office, Catherin Mary Biazon, opened the program with her very supportive remarks on the inclusion of SOGIE in providing health care services to the people of Muntinlupa City. While City Health Officer, Dra. Magdalena Meana, is looking forward to the improvement of health care services of Muntinlupa City and encourages health workers to embrace the concept of SOGIE to strengthen health services in the city.  She said this during her closing remarks.

"As the principal health program implementers at the local level, we, as health workers should know and understand the need of our patient based on their sexual orientation and gender identity and sexuality," said Dra. Au Ferrer, HIV Coordinator of Muntinlupa City. Dra. Ferrer spearheaded this program and still plans to continue SOGIE training next month to Barangay health workers and City Hall employees this May.

This workshop is composed of MD (24), Dentists (29), Nurses (27), Midwife (59), Sanitation inspectors (22), Medical Technologists (10), Nutritionists (7), Barangay Nutrition Scholars (5), Utility Aide (17), Lab Aides (10), Ambulance driver (6) and Peer Educators (6).

There are more projects and programs to come this year.


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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