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Health Care Providers and Medical Doctors, SOGIE Certified!

23/06/2014 04:06

Finally it's done!!!!

A total of 700 health care providers of Muntinlupa City earned their certificates on SOGIE workshop, proof they are sensitized on SOGIE issues and LGBT concerns.

This program started last March of 2014 and ended today, June 23, 2014. Ambulance drivers, Doctors to public health workers were mandated to undergo this training to strengthen the health care service of Muntinlupa City.

All throughout the program, The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines has been instrumental for the enlightenment of the participants to the different sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Participants learned the different labels and the chemistry behind those label. Many of the participants just leaned new terms such as, "top" and "bottom", transgender, cisgender, intersex, etc.

Clarificatory questions were raised, ideological resistance was overcome, emotional walls were torn down, bigotry was placated, these are some of the things we endured. 

Parenting and dealing with LGBT youth or children with different sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions were inevitable to discuss. Interest of the participants to this topic is very high specially some of them have children, relatives, close friends, neighbors who have "non conforming" sexual orientation and gender identity.

In today's discussion, one mother asked for help on how to take care of her 7 year old child who shows transgender tendencies and on how to educate her husband.....

One mother raised a question if it's ok to tolerate her son if he has a girlfriend who is transgender.

The participants today went home with smiles on their faces bringing hopes that they can make a difference in the life of others.

To the men and women of this program, you are too many to mention, congratulations for an excellent job for your people.


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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