Transgender rights are human rights

Deiniel Cayosa - Transpinoy

08/02/2013 04:11


“Discrimination, hate, violence and harassment,” that people of transgender experience suffer urged Deiniel to think of coming up with something that “protects” them. 


“Coming out”, considered as his greatest achievement, was the first step he thought,“I didn't want to depend on to someone and I needed to take first step. I didn't want to keep the knowledge to myself.  I wanted to share it to people, especially those people who need it.  I wanted to help our community. “

Deiniel Cayosa, one of the founding members of TransMan Pilipinas, said that his advocacy started when TMP was created, “I became more passionate in creating more awareness in our society.”  Dei, as most of his friends address him, does not care whatever people think and say because he believes that “change” is what he needs, what the community needs “…together, we can make it happen”.

He considers that being brave enough to "come out" is his greatest achievement as a transpinoy and as an advocate because this will give him (them) a venue, “to reach out with other transpinoys”, and educate people of the existence of trangender men in the Philippines.  He added, “It’s a big first step for us and we know it’s still a long way for people to understand what we really are.   But making the first step was the hardest and I'm glad it went well.  And today, we continue to educate more and more people about our community.”

Notwithstanding his disappointment in the local transgender community due the lack of unity among transgender organizations, he is still hopeful that this will end, “I believe our needs for our rights will make us united.  It just takes time”.  Passionate to see the progress of the advocacy, Dei, who feels inspired by the people who surround him, continues to conduct Trans 101 to spread the knowledge, “and hopefully we can use the media to help us create more awareness about transgender people”, he added.   He feels that detractors and supporters are “fuel” to get him going, “they make me stronger. These people burn my desire to create more awareness and educate more people”.

Dei admits that he may not have the knowledge in a lot of things but when it comes to this advocacy, he confidently confessed, “I am always eager to learn more”.

“I want our community to remember me as one of the advocates who made things possible in the future.  I want to be remembered as one of the person who fought for our right to get our freedom and rights!” he confided.



Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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