Transgender rights are human rights


30/07/2013 02:16

4 Transgender organizations in the Philippines issued an official statement.


(Official Statement of Individulas and Organizations on the Cyberslander Issue of Ms Francine Garcia, aka Kim Chiu, Winner of Super Sireyna's Queen of Queens 2013)


Over the last few days, we have seen a barrage of differing views and comments made for and against Super Sireyna's winner, Ms Francine Garcia. Although we respect everyone's right to freely express an opinion, we are alarmed by the way such commentaries have obstrusively sidelined Ms Francine Garcia's human rights as a transwoman. We are individuals and organizations advocating for the equal human rights of transgender Filipinos. We issue this statement to show our commitment for the respect of trans rights as human rights. Even while we search for the truth, the equally inviolable principle of fairness must not be discounted. We remain unequivocal and unwavering in our support for Ms Francine Garcia aka Kim Chiu of Quezon City, who won Super Sireyna 2013, Queen of Queens, a transgender pageant on the Philippines' longest-running noontime show, Eat Bulaga. We believe that calls for her dethronement are unfounded and divisive. Moreover, we strongly condemn in the highest possible terms, the cyber defamation launched against her immediately after she won. 

We also decry the use of social media and other web-based platforms to tarnish Ms Garcia's dignity as the newly crowned Queen of Queens. We believe that this is the work of cowards and a clear case of cyber bullying. We urge Ms Garcia's detractors to cease using the internet for abusive behavior and as a tool for bashing and slander. We call on everyone to lay this matter to rest and join instead in celebrating Ms Garcia's victory, which we see is a victory for us all.

Finally, we thank the management and staff of TAPE Inc. and Eat Bulaga for their continued advocacy to raise the dignity not only of transgender Filipinos but of all our countrymen too through Super Sireyna and other segments of the show. We fully support Eat Bulaga's intention to recognize exceptional people regardless of age, race and gender and hopefully the show will add sexual orientation, ability, economic status, and religious belief to that list as well. We hope that in the future Eat Bulaga will continue to be our ally in recreating a just society composed of diverse and imperfect human beings, in whose imperfection come truth, goodness and beauty. We believe in the truth, goodness and beauty that Ms Francine Garcia's story brings to us all. Her victory speaks volumes of her personal fights and struggles as a transwoman and, despite her imperfections, she is for us what a fighter and a beauty queen should be. She deserves to be crowned Queen of Queen, and we stand by her at this moment of triumph.

Association of Transgender Philippines (ATP)
Gender and Development Advocates Filipinas (GANDA) Filipinas
TransMan Pilipinas (TMP)
Transpinays of Antipolo Organization (TAO)

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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