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1st Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) in the Philippines

30/03/2015 18:12

We want to express our appreciation to all those who attended the Trans Visibility Day celebration which was initiated by the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP). This is the first celebration of Trans Visiblity Day in the Philippines and we wish to enhance the celebration in the years to come.



Thank you TransMan Pilipinas (ATMP) for showing support to our day. To our honarary member, Madam Babes, for giving us brighter hope for our future by extending to us your knowledge in advocacy specially in the context of sexual health and reproductive health (SHRH), we appreciate so much your acceptance to our invitation. To our trans Deaf community represented by Disney, you will always remain in our hearts as our baby. To the Trans Pageantry administrator, Jeff, we salute your persistence and passion to trans advocacy and for highlighting the beauty of Philippine transgender beauty pageants.

To all the new comers, so much joy overflows in our hearts for knowing your sincere and outrageous desires to be part of our organization. Thank you for expressing support to Philippine transgender movement.
To all the ATP members, thank you for being there all the time giving your priceless contributions to the organization and to the community.


Looking at the way trans people interact with each other, share their experiences and their identities, their personal issues, etc., it felt so good, specially when attendees show their interest during the distribution of condom and lubricant, as part of our activity.


We almost feel the growth and development of the organization not only because of the increasing number of members but also in the rise of the number of active members and their commitment to certain tasks for the progress of the group and the advocacy.


Notwithstanding the enormous challenges that come our way, we always remain hopeful for a better future. We always believe that as long as you do the right thing, righteousness will remain at your side.

Watch out for more updates and big projects we get capacitated and empowered.

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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