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30/03/2015 18:12

1st Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) in the Philippines

We want to express our appreciation to all those who attended the Trans Visibility Day celebration which was initiated by the Association of...
19/03/2015 18:34

Transgender Woman Gets Elected in the Philippine Country Coordinating Mechanism (PCCM) of Global Fund

Chair, Kate Montecarlo Cordova, of the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP) was elected by the community-based organizations to...
01/08/2014 03:45

Transwoman discriminated in Fitness Gym

Please support our trans sister who was discriminated in a fitness gym due to her genetalia. The link is where you can sign to support Philippine...
30/07/2014 03:51

Lesbians, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LBT) South-South Meeting

Feminists and women's rights activists in the LBT sector around the world who have been fighting for women's rights and sexual rights for X number of...
23/06/2014 04:06

Health Care Providers and Medical Doctors, SOGIE Certified!

Finally it's done!!!! A total of 700 health care providers of Muntinlupa City earned their certificates on SOGIE workshop, proof they are sensitized...
07/06/2014 04:13

Trans Lecture Goes to Negros Island

Federation of Negros LGBT has successfully completed its General Assembly last June 7, 2014. The general assembly was participated by different...
18/04/2014 03:54

JENNIFER B. CAGANDAHAN - Intersex Case (Female to Male)

14/04/2014 03:10

Health Care Providers of Muntinlupa City Embraced SOGIE and Transgender Concept

To strengthen the health services of the city, City Health of Muntinlupa conducted a 3 day training workshop on sexual orientation and gender...
01/04/2014 02:34

Press Statement of the Association of Transgender People in the Philippines about Mara's Case

  The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines has just released a press statement today regarding a transgender woman who filed a...
31/03/2014 02:52

March Activities of ATP_ Know the works behind

    Shifting gears... The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP) and its ally-partner Transman Pilipinas joins the...

Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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