Transgender rights are human rights

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Information about trans men and trans women of the Philippines.

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Transgender moverment in the philippines in the rise.

The proliferation of transgender organizations in the Philippines is undeniable.  Can it be an indication that transgender people in the Philippines are more empowered, more aware of their needs and rights? 

Does the government hear the voices of the transgender community?  Does Philippine government address the pressing issues of the transgender community?  Have these organizations reached and are known to all transpinoys and transpinays?  Do all transgender men and women know what does it mean to be a transgender?   Can someone easily collate Philippine transgender literature?  Can these trans organizations easily be searched and reached?

Philippine Transgender Movement is created to address the concerns of people of transgender experience in the country including different Philippine transgender organizations.  It is composed of different faces from all walks of life.   We are composed of men and women of transgender experience and transgender organizations.

Enough of discrimination, exclusion, verbal and physical abuse, humiliation and other behaviours which are detrimental to our growth and hamper our development, we are now gathered as one to share our life’s experiences, cultivate an encouraging environment essential to our beings, time to stand for our rights, our transgender rights, our human rights.


Come and join us!

If you are Filipino, either a trans man or a trans woman, you are welcome to be part of the group.  Transgender foreigners who reside in the Philippines are welcome to be part too.  

You can go to our Contact Us and send us your letter of intent attaching the membership form.  




The Association of the Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP) aims to strengthen the transgender community by being the leading center that provides empowerment, promote and uphold transgender rights and the bastion of transgender health in the Philippines.



  •  To actively participate in any activities concerning transgender men and women both National and International.
  • To be updated with the information and development of the transgender in the country and abroad.
  • To be the source of information and documentation of Philippine transgender men and women in the country.
  • To be the leading centre of Research and Documentation of transgender experience and other related issues.
  • To be the centre organization of transgender men and women in the Philippines that provides training, empowerment and community-based service.


The Association of Transgender People in the Philippines

Registered Name:  Transgender Movement of the Philippines Inc.

Company Reg. No. - CN201402023

Company TIN - 008-703-921


Email Add:


Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)

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